Development Economics, Education Economics, Applied Econometrics


When do textbooks matter for achievement? Evidence from African primary schools (2013), Economics Letters, 119(3): 311-314 – with Marie-Anne Valfort

Working papers/work in progress

Disease and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in Africa with Supplemental Appendix (Last update: May 2017) – with Josselin Thuilliez & Marie-Anne Valfort

Fighting corruption does improve schooling: A replication study of a newspaper campaign in Uganda (Last update: November 2016– with Marie-Anne Valfort (based on 3ie Impact Evaluation Replication Programme Paper 10)

Economic inequality, teacher truancy and learning: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa with Supplemental Appendix (Last update: August 2015) – with Marie-Anne Valfort

The impact of student-teacher gender interactions on learning outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Poverty, information and human trafficking in the Philippines – with Elsa Artadi, Martina Björkman Nyqvist & Eliana La Ferrara

Reports & media

In Sub-Saharan Africa, as malaria rolls back, human capital moves forward, World Bank Development Impact Blog, December 2016

Does malaria control impact education? Evidence from Roll Back Malaria in AfricaG-MonD Note 12, December 2014 – with Josselin Thuilliez & Marie-Anne Valfort

Are education policies reaching the marginalised in Africa?VoxEU, March 2013 – with Marie-Anne Valfort